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Widescreen Wallpapers

Below is a List of the Best Sites Offering Free Widescreen Wallpapers.
46 sites listed in accordance to popularity and the amount of widescreen wallpapers offered!

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Interface Lift
Many categories and a great number of wallpapers. Majority available for widescreen and have high resolution!


Most wallpapers at Caedes are now available for widescreen. Photography and art wallpapers of outstanding quality!


Diviant Art
A great collection of widescreen wallpaper at Diviant Art. These are the most popular!


Social Wallpapering
A truly impressive, upcoming community wallpaper site. In any category choose >Filering >Widescreen to get the widescreen wallpapers available in that category.


Creative Stock Images
Crestock's new collection of huge, gorgeous wallpapers! High Resolution and Widescreen. (Don't miss their "old" page).


Wallpaper Database
A German site offering beautiful widescreen wallpapers in really high, 3200x2000 resolution.


The large widescreen 1900x1200 collection at flickr. Some really nice pics to choose from.


Artistic photo wallpapers by Mando. Check out the archive for a big selection of high resolution wallpapers that will look great on your windscreen monitor.


Pixelgirl Presents
Pixelgirl Presents is a very popular site for wallpapers at large. The resolution of their widescreen wallpapers selection starts at 1920x1200.


Wikipedia: Widescreen
Desktop Backgrounds

Wikipedias Collection of Widescreen Wallpapers, very nice indeed. Thank you Wikipedia!


Digital Blasphemy
The free selection at Digital Blasphemy. Outstanding Digital Art! Members have thousands of wallpapers to choose from.


XXL Wallpapers
Digital Art available in real high resolution! Every wallpaper available for widescreen & double screen, and if you want even more screens than that!


Great quality, mostly nature, widescreen wallpapers! Resolution 1920x1200 and 1680x1050.


Michael Swansons Blog
Stunning Macro Widescreen Wallpaper (1920x1200)! Michael is a professional film photogrpher who has a keen eye for the small beautiful things in nature.


1920x1080 Wallpapers
Like the title promises wallpapers here are available in 1920x1080 resolution. General common themes galleries.


Graffiti Wallpaper
A page with all the Widescreen Wallpapers at Graffiti Wallpaper. All with resolution 1920x1200.


Shifted Reality
High resolution (2560x1600) widescreen digital art wallpapers. Outstanding quality in a growing collection.


Design Distributor
Specialised on 3D digital art wallpapers. All wallpapers available for widescreen.


Great quality vector illustrated wallpapers, all in widescreen!


Wallpaper Stock
Wallpaper Stock tag all their widescreen wallpapers, but have separate galleries for 1280x800, 1440x900, 1680x1050, 1920x1200 and 2560x1600.


Desktop IT
High class, artistic widescreen wallpapers. A nice collection that has been going for a while!


Beautiful Fractals
Beautiful Fractals offers wallpapers of fractals that are truly stunning. High resolution and widescreen available for each piece.


A Portuguese blog that aims to have a new wallpaper added every day. Not all, but most wallpapers fits widescreen.


Backgrounds Archive
One of the best features at Backgrounds Archive the search function! These are the Wallpapers that show up if you type in "Widescreen".


Theme Creative
You will find widescreen wallpapers in most of the galleries of Theme Creative, some of these are truly great!


Various widescreen wallpapers. This is the 1680x1050 gallery, but you can go all the way up to 2560x1600.


Wallpaper Abyss
Lots of categories and subcategories. Almost always a few widescreen wallpapers to choose from.


Free Widescreen Wallpapers
Widescreen wallpapers of aviation type photography, mostly military.


Full Desktop
Great little collection of artistic wallpapers, most available for widescreen -starting at 1680x1050.


Various widescreen resolutions available, this link is to the 1680x1050 selection.


Widescreen Football
The title of this site is self explanatory (except it would translate "Widescreen Soccer" in the U.S). Offers 1680x1050 resolution!


My Best Desktops
Artistic Wallpaper site by Patrick Bennett. Good percentage of his wallpapers come in widescreen resolution.


Photography wallpapers by Joshua Atticks offered in 1680x1050.


Andy Bloxham
Artfull photo wallpaper, available in high resolution -nearly all fit widescreen.


My Best Desktops
Photography and vector wallpapers by Patrick Bennett. Widescreens' available at 1680x1050.


Amber Leaves
Six beautiful garden wallpaper photos. All available in widescreen resolution.


Jesus Wallpapers
Christan wallpapers with qoutes from the Bible. Link is to the 1280x768 gallery, there is a 1920x1600 gallery as well!


A more personal selection of wallpaper photos. Available for widescreen 1920x1200.


Tropical Wallpapers
Wallpapers of the Philippine islands' beaches and tropical flowers. Scroll down for a large selection widescreen wallpapers.


Free Windows Wallpaper
Great collection of artistic world photography wallpapers. High resolution and widescreen.


14 Pixels
Good selection of quality wallpapers, many that are high resolution and fit widescreen.


Marmalade Moon
Wallpaper illustrations by Kate England, most available in high resolution and will fit widescreen.


Eon Works
Fantasy Sci-fi Wallpapers by Dawid Michalczyk. Some wallpapers available for widescreen.


Zoom Girls
Lots of model and celebrity women wallpapers, some of which are widescreen.


Widescreen wallpapers available after you downloaded a design in a zip-pack.


Stylep.ro's collection of widescreen wallpapers. Mostly nature.


Please Suggest good Widescreen Wallpaper Sites that you believe is missing and would like to include in this list!




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