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October 2007:


Huge Wallpaper Collection
Large Collection
Broad Selection
Broad Selection
Randrs is a wallpaper site in Russian. The collection of wallpapers is quite big and it has a good selection of popular interests. Not enough high resolution wallpapers to earn the high resolution icon.


High Resolution
High Resolution
artist Artist
Lifesessions offers a great collection of photography wallpapers by Joshua Atticks. The depictions are a mixture city, nature and landscapes.


High Resolution
High Resolution
Dual Screen
Dual Screen
Huge Wallpaper Collection
Large Collection
3DataDesign offers some extraordinary original dual screen digital art wallpapers! A bit hard to navigate, but once you find the arhive that contains all the dualscreen collection you will appreciate it's share size.


High Resolution
High Resolution
In June Crestock published a bunch of outstanding high resolution free wallpapers. Now they have done it again and it has attracted lot's of attention. It's no wonder people like this stuff when you see the quality Crestock's wallpaper has!


Special Interests  ALIGN=
Specialiced on Vector Art
High Resolution
High Resolution
artist Artist
A small personal site offering high quality vector illustrated wallapers. High resolution and widescreen. New wallpapers added weekly!


Just Desktop Wallpapers
Broad Category Selection
Broad Category Selection
A simple, general category wallpaper site! Resolution as high as 1280x1024.


Zoom Girls
Special Interests  ALIGN=
Specialiced on Celebs/Models
High Resolution
High Resolution
Zoom Girls is all about stamp collections.. no sorry, I mean all about girls on desktop wallpapers! Good collection and list of celebrity women A-Z. Most wallpapers have high resolution!


Widescreen Football
Special Interests  ALIGN=
Specialiced on Soccer
High Resolution
High Resolution
As the title says this site offers widescreen football wallpapers (read "Soccer Wallpaper" in the U.S.)! Various clubs represented, all wallpaper come in 1680x1050 resolution.


My Best Desktops
Special Interests  ALIGN=
Specialiced on Art
High Resolution
High Resolution
artist Artist
Artistic wallpaper site going by the slogan "Kiss ugly desktops goodbye". Maintained by Patrick Bennett. Both widescreen as well as high resolution!


Wallpaper Gallery
Broad Category Selection
Broad Category Selection
community Community artist Artist
Unique artistic wallpapers in various categories. Members can contribute their own wallpaper. Most wallpapers, however, is created by "Misha", who maintains and owns this site.


September 2007:


Wallpaper Stock
A popular site with lots of original wallpapers and a very large selection. While browsing you can see which wallpapers fit widescreen resolution and which are original.


HQ Desktop Pics
Lots of High Resolution wallpapers in the most common and popular categories.


Photography high resolution wallpapers by Antoon Coolen and Peter Zentjens. Landscape and world themes.


Free Widescreen Wallpapers
A very specialized collection of military aircrafts and aviation type photography. All in high resolution and widescreen.


Fuzzy Waffle
Nice collection of wallpapers of various categories, most unique being "Fantasy". Resolution varies and is a bit of a guessing game as the thumbnails doesn't you.


14 Pixels
A great upcoming wallpaper site that automatically shows the wallpapers matching your screen resolution!  Dual screen, widescreen and high resolution wallpapers available.


Wallpaper Abyss
Wallpaper Abyss has lot's of wallpapers and many categories and subcategories! In most categories you will be able to find plenty of high resolution and widescreen wallpapers as well.


Flashi World
Flashi World has a good selection of general wallpaper categories. Most wallpapers offered in 1024x768 and 800x600 resolution.


Wallpaper Database
This new wallpaper site offers some of the highest resolution wallpapers ever! Lot's of beautiful wallpapes has resolution of 3200x2400 and 3200x2000 for widescreen.


Free Windows Wallpaper
A nice collection of artistic photography wallpapers from around the world. All images available in high resolution and widescreen.


Fields of Perception
Digital Art wallpapers by the artist Stewart Leech. Inspiration from sci-fi and outer space. Standard resolution 1024x768.


August 2007:


Naruto Wallpaper
Wallpaper site specialiced on Naruto, the manga series created by Masashi Kishimoto. Up to 1280x1024 resolution.


Celebrity Wallpapers
A blog with both male and female wallpapers. Wallpapers available in 1024x768.


Different, artistic wallpapers. Downloaded as zip-packs. Patterned wallpapers, and iphone wallpapers also available.


1920x1080 Wallpapers
This is a great site if it's widescreen wallpapers you are looking for. Different, general common themes galleries to choose between. All wallpapers available in 1920x1080 resolution.


Tropical Wallpapers
The title of this site speaks the truth. Nice wallpapers of beaches and tropical flowers. More than 2000 wallpapers in high resolution and widescreen.


Travel Wallpapers
Some vagabond has created this flash application that contains wallpapers with some really nice photograph from places around the world. Up to 1280x1021 resolution.


General wallpaper site with a good selection of many high resolution wallpapers. Various categories and a good number widescreen wallpapers to choose from as well.


July 2007:


Simply one of the best and finest collections of landscape and nature wallpapers. Socksoff is also a great resource of wallpaper links, very similar to Wallpaper Review.


Nice collection of Landscape, Classical Art and Texture wallpapers. Resolution as high as 1600x1200.


Full Desktop
A nice artistic wallpaper collection offering wallpapers in high resolution and widescreen.


Theme Creative
Great general wallpaper site. Most categories offers high resolution and widesreen wallpapers. Separate gallery for Dualscreen wallpapers.


June 2007:


Creative Stock Images
Creastock now offers some their best images as huge, gorgeous wallpapers! This is as good as a wallpaper collection can get! High Resolution and Widescreen.


She Dreams in Digital
The really cool digital art wallpaper gallery of Stacy Reed! High resolution. Wallpapers safly downloaded in zip-pacs.


3D Fantasy Computer Wallpaper
Wallpapers by Dawid Michalczyk going in a sort of sci-fi fantasy theme. David's art has some truly artistic quality! Some wallpapers available for widescreen.


Swedish Nature Wallpaper
Just what the title says. After all, Sweden is well known for a fantastic scenary! Predominant Resolution 1024x768.


Desktop Pimper
A large wallpaper site with many quality wallpapers. Offers the most the most popular categories, the resolution of the wallpapers varies.


Design Distrubutor
Original collection of high resolution digital art 3D wallpapers. Widescreen of each desing available.


Always Girls
Perhaps the best source of artist and model wallpapers. Large collections of male, female and music group wallpapers ordered A-Z.


May 2007:


Beautiful Fractals
As the title suggests, this site offers wallpapers of fractals that are truly stunning. High resolution and widescreen available.


Nice, general wallpaper site offering a good selection of wallpapers. Unique categories are love and zodiac signs. Various resolutions.


Social Wallpapering
A truly impressive, upcoming community wallpaper site. Large collection of wallpapers with high resolution and outstanding quality. Sign up to contribute, share and vote on wallpapers.


This site's motto is "We offer strictly quality wallpapers". If you visit Skwallpapers you will see that they hold true to this statement! High resolution and widescreen available.


My Free Wallpapers
A large collection of wallpapers in various categories. New wallpapers added often. Standard resolution 1024x768.


At Netbolly most categories has several sub-categories. Wide variety of wallpapers ranging from 1600x1200 to 800x600 in resolution.


April 2007:


Quite a large collection of wallpapers in vairous categories. Wallpapers come in 1024x768 resolution.


Auto Portal
A large collection of quality car wallpapers. Large resolution (1600x1200) that will be saved to your computer when you click link on the preview.


Cool Wallpaper
A large collection of many quality wallpapers in various categories. Many pages to be browsed through. Resolution starts at 1024x768.


It's an experince to visit Desktopography. The wallpapers here have outstanding artistic quality. Wallpapers are downloaded as individual zip packs.


Creative celebrity wallpaper featuring female celebrities ranging from American actresses to Japanese pop stars. Clean design, unconventional and unique.


Football Wallpapers
Specialized on football (U.S. = soccer) wallpapers. You will find National, Club, Stadium and Individual players wallpapers. Standard resolution 1024x768.


Workstation Wallpaper
Fairly large selection of various original wallpapers in different categories. All wallpapers come in 1024x800 resolution.


Heroic Wallpapers
Specialised on heroes from the world of comics. Offers wallpapers in other categories as well. Resolution up to 1280x1024.


March 2007:


Truly unique and original digital art wallpapers by the Danish artist Jacob Jensen. Most wallpapers available in 1600x1200 resolution.


Wallpapers Archive
Large easy-to-browse wallpaper site with many wallpapers available in each category. Most wallpapers come in 1024x768 resolution.


Desktop Wallpapers (.ro)
A Romanian Wallpaper Site with all your common wallpaper themes. Most wallpapers available in 1024x768.


The Fractal Explorer's Gallery
High resolution original fractal wallpapers by Frank. Besides wallpapers also lots of info on the background and making of fractal images.


Original Nature and Landscape Wallpapers by Jaap Eric Kuiper Large. Great photo galleries with 1024x768 wallpapers. Press "zoom" button on previews to get full-size wallpaper.


Large collection of quality art wallpapers by different artists. Many wallpapers available in high resolution (1600x1200).


Febuary 2007:


A blog in Portuguese aiming to have a well selected, new quality wallpaper added every day. Many wallpapers available for widescreen.


Djed's Wallpaper Collection
Female Celebrities Wallpaper Collection. High resolution and good quality. New wallpapers added often!


dmb -Dual Monitor Backrounds
Great collection of many high resolution dual monitor wallpaper. Well categoriesed and good qualtiy.


Free Quality Wallpapers
Lots of wallpapers in varied, but mostly high resolution. Nice, large previews in sixteen categories.


USA George
Wallpapers in various categories on eight pages. Wallpapers available in 1024x768 or 800x600.


Lots of wallpaper in many different categories. Most wallpapers available in 1024x768 resolution.


January 2007:


All Raiders
Large selection of Oakland Raider themed wallpapers. Designs available for multi-monitor setups, PSPs, Cels, etc.

All Raiders
Large selection of Oakland Raider themed wallpapers. Designs available for multi-monitor setups, PSPs, Cels, etc.

Hundreds of anime wallpapers arranged alphabetically.

Dixast Wallpapers
Dedicated to provide the best quality wallpapers. Many categories available.

Huge selection of free desktop wallpapers. Often new updates. Voting and many categories.

Dougs Wallypapers
Cool wallpaper for the whole family. Made from public domain photography set up by Doug Whaley.

Freeze Wallpapers
Wallpapers in various categories. Huge selection of Artist & Celebrities Wallpapers, many chineese models and actresses.

Graphic Horizon
Great Collection of beautiful wallpaper in almost every category.

Moving Insect
Truly unique, high resolution digital art wallpapers by the artist Henrik Wissing.

Tehintar Web
High Resolution artistic wallpapers. Different but with high aesthetic quality, the sort of images you would espect to find on CD-covers.

Optional Graphics
Wallpaper in different categories. Large selection of female celebrities and a unique category of wrestling wallpapers!


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