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Dual Monitor Wallpapers

The Best Sites with Free Dual and Multi Monitor Wallpapers.


dmb -Dual Monitor Backrounds
One of the best sites for high resolution dual monitor wallpaper. Well categoriesed and good qualtiy. Updated often.


Dual Screen Wallpapers
One of the most popular Sites for Dual Monitor Wallpapers. Availabe Categories are Nature, Abstract, Space, Random, Veichles!


Social Wallpapering
A truly impressive, upcoming community wallpaper site. In any category choose >Filering >Dual Monitor to get the Dual Monitor wallpapers available in that category.


Plasma Design
Choose between category Landscape and Abstract. Great Wallpapers for Dual Monitors.


Deviant Art
A truly great collection of Dual Monitor Wallpapers by many artists at Deviant Art. This is what you get when you search for it!


Dual-Monitor Wallpapers
Some stunningly Beautiful Wallpapers for Dual Montitors of different categories, but mostly Nature/Landscape.


Many, very artfull Dual Monitor Wallpapers by a talend artist who calls himself Mando.


Pixelgirl Presents
Dual Monitor Wallpapers in high class by some of the best wallpaper artists around.


Best Quality Wallpapers
Single Gallery offering a great collection of quality Dual Monitor Wallpapers.


14 Pixels
Great selection of quality wallpapers, many available for dual screen monitors.


tmb -Triple Monitor Backrounds
A Clone of Dual Monitor backgrounds but with wallpapers for triple monitors available.


qmb -Quad Monitor Backrounds
An other Clone of Dual Monitor backgrounds but this time with wallpapers for four monitors!!!


Theme Creative
The Dualscreen wallpaper collection at Theme Creative. Great images!


Samuel McClure
Dual Monitor Wallpapers By Samuel McClure. Good and unique collection.


Desktop Pimper
Desktop Pimper has a separate gallery for multi screen wallpapers. This is the dual monitor collection.


Please Suggest good dual monitor wallpaper sites that you believe are missing and would like to include in this list!




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