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Putting up
Desktop Wallpaper
An Abbreviated Guide

Consider these three things as you download and put up your wallpaper!


First off, choose a desktop wallpaper you like (It has been debated whether this needs to be a point or not, but it was considered the most important over other points. Other points such as "Turn on your computer" and "Double-click your on browser icon" etc. has not been included in this abbreviated guide as they where considered redundant. For some users this will of course cause headache and trouble, Wallpaper Reivew appoligice for this. A choice of points simply had to be made. After all, this is an Abbreviated Guide)!


Second, try to match the resolution of your desktop to the wallpaper you want (not for tiled wallpaper). Most screens today will adjust the size of a picture even if doesn't match your screen resolution exactly. However, the best quality of any picture will be displayed if it is an exact match to the resolution of your screen.


Now, to the last and most difficult part of actually putting that picture on your desktop! Always make sure that a picture has loaded completely! On a PC right-click on an image then choose Set as Wallpaper from the pop-up menu. On a Mac control-click the picture, then choose Download Image (or Save) to Disk. After this go to System Preferences to change the Desktop Background and choose the picture just downloaded.


Do not despair if you are unsuccessful in putting up your desktop wallpaper and find this abbreviated guide hard to follow. You are not alone! Soon the much desired book "Hot to Put up Wallpapers for Dummies" will be available in all major bookstores. The many years of process that has gone into the writing this book is guaranteed to make you a real whiz in putting up desktop wallpaper. At least enough information will be given for you to "fake" that you know your desktop wallpapers.




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